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Key Request Form

    This form must be filled out by the PI or lab manager on behalf of the individual needing a key.

    PI or Lab Manager Email Address:

    Access requested for:


    Email Address:

    UW Employee ID / Student ID # (if applicable):


    Lab/Center Name:

    MolES/NanoES Office Location:

    Terms and conditions for the use of issued keys for the MolES-NanoES Building at the University of Washington:

    1. Keys are not to be duplicated in any way.

    2. If a key is lost or stolen, the undersigned will be financially responsible for the resulting costs. Costs will include replacement charges for keys and may also include rekeying costs for any affected doors at no cost to the University of Washington.

    3. Keys must be returned by the Return Due Date or on demand of building management. Keys not returned on time will be considered lost.

    I have read the above terms and conditions for use of University of Washington keys and do hereby agree to follow them.